MPEG-PS to Motion JPEG AVI tool

RER HD Movie Converter can easily and fast deal with coping MPEG-PS to Motion JPEG AVI. The nicest MPEG-PS to Motion JPEG AVI encoder not only can help you compress MPEG-PS to Motion JPEG AVI without losing quality, it can also convert MPEG-PS to iPad, TS, 3GPP2, while convert to Motion JPEG AVI from RMVB, M2TS, MPEG, etc.. Follow the easy guide below to convert your MPEG-PS to Motion JPEG AVI format.

Free download the conversion application, follow the instructions to install and run it. To speed up the conversion, you'd better turn off your screen saver, close any program running in the computer and re-boot the computer before converting MPEG-PS to Motion JPEG AVI format. To compress DVR-MS to VOB, MPEG4 to Blackberry, MJPEG to WAV, XviD to M4R, the MPEG-PS to Motion JPEG AVI converter can also be your choice.

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How to turn MPEG-PS files to Motion JPEG AVI

To save MPEG-PS to Motion JPEG AVI now as MPEG-PS to Motion JPEG AVI guide shows. Just within several clicks, you can achieve the MPEG-PS to Motion JPEG AVI conversion and play the target file format as you like.

MPEG-PS to Motion JPEG AVI tool

1. After adding MPEG-PS files, you can start to choose the output format and profile for Motion JPEG AVI.

Set the output format and profile for MPEG-PS changing to Motion JPEG AVI by clicking TO AVI and choose MJPEG File - (MJPEG, 768 kbps, 29.97 fps). With Edit button next to the profile field, you can manually adjust the output effects. The output format and profile are suitable for Motion JPEG AVI making from DVD VOB to Motion JPEG AVI, 3GP to Motion JPEG AVI, HD AVI to Motion JPEG AVI, DivX AVI to Motion JPEG AVI, Sony CX500 AVCHD to Motion JPEG AVI, which can also make adjustments.

2. Load the MPEG-PS movies by locating the Input File Name box on the screen and clicking Browse button.

Click the Browse button by the Input File Name field, the Open Input File window will pop out, where you locate the input MPEG-PS with its file extension of .vob for the saving. Once the inputs are decided, click Open button and the MPEG-PS files are added successfully.

3. Click the gray convert button in the bottom right corner of the MPEG-PS to Motion JPEG AVI changer program window. The MPEG-PS to Motion JPEG AVI encoding process will begin and should take anywhere from a few seconds to up to 15 minutes to complete, depending on the MPEG-PS file's size. A progress bar will be displayed within the program window, allowing you to see the estimated conversion time. You will be notified by the program when the conversion from MPEG-PS to Motion JPEG AVI is complete.

More functions of the MPEG-PS to Motion JPEG AVI encoder application

RER HD Movie Converter is the professional video compressor for MPEG-PS to Motion JPEG AVI, while it can fast make conversion between almost all popular video formats like H.263 to AC3, WMV to Flash, RAM to Shockwave Flash, TS to AVI, AVC to PSP, MPG to 3G2, etc..

The MPEG-PS to Motion JPEG AVI codec allows you to select settings like video size, bit rate, NTSC/PAL, frame rate, audio codec, sample rate for your output. Safe to install and viruses-free, and there are no spyware and adware in RER HD Movie Converter.

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Free download MPEG-PS to Motion JPEG AVI saver
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More related to MPEG-PS video type and Motion JPEG AVI file

MPEG-PS files

MPEG-PS/MPEG Program streams are used on DVD-Video discs and HD DVD video discs, but with some restrictions and extensions. The filename extensions are VOB and EVO respectively.

Motion JPEG AVI info

Motion JPEG AVI is AVI files with M-JPEG codec. In multimedia, Motion JPEG (M-JPEG) is an informal name for a class of video formats where each video frame or interlaced field of a digital video sequence is separately compressed as a JPEG image.

MPEG-PS to Motion JPEG AVI tool - Other transcoder software

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