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What are MOD files? MOD files are recording format files for use in digital tapeless camcorders. MOD is the informal name of tapeless video format used by JVC, Panasonic and Canon in some models of digital camcorders. .MOD files are used exclusively for standard definition video files. The first camcorders that used MOD file format appeared in 2003. JVC introduced Everio GZ-MG30, which was recording directly to internal hard disk drive. Panasonic unveiled SDR-S100, which recorded to SD cards. Codec type, data rates, frame rate and frame size closely matched parameters of DVD-video. MOD files can be viewed on a computer with a player that is capable of reproducing MPEG-2 video. This video can be easily authored for watching on a DVD player without recompression, because it is fully compliant with DVD-video standard.

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